SPAM is so much more than lunchmeat

Has anyone looked in the spam catchers lately?  It isn’t about genital sizing anymore.  In fact, it has been months since someone wanted to help me up-size my non-existent male genitalia.

The new spam scam craze is selling credit reports, which of course means that you have to give the company all the information it needs to steal your identity.  Hey, as long as the economy is bad, only the size of your bank account matters.

It never occurred to me that spam is subject to the shifting tides of public opinion and concerns.


You may wonder why I am focusing on this.  Well, it is too exhausting to contemplate the insanity of world events and the inanity of our nation’s politics.  Anyone notice that no one is talking anymore about the mosque at Ground Zero that isn’t a mosque and isn’t on Ground Zero?  That’s because it lasted for the requisite news cycle and national attention span and now everyone is on some other made-for-TV-sound-bite faux issue, such as: was Sarah Palin booed when she appeared on Dancing With the Stars? (Was she there to tell her daughter to shimmy less and wear more clothes?)

It is so aggravating to watch the focus shift to meet the needs of a 24 hour news recycle that I have retreated into my spaminator.