I am a 50-something year-old urban dweller (I started this blog in my forties; hence, the name).

On a daily basis, I struggle to balance work, children, relationships and life.  Until recently, I was sharing the care of my elderly, enfeebled father.  My life is held together by spit and scotch tape (why is it called “scotch” anyway?).

I tend to have a cynical view of daily life but I am optimistic about the world and humanity (in theory, but up-close — not so much).

I am blessed with wonderful family and friends.  I have much for which to be grateful, even though sometimes it doesn’t seem enough to quiet the anxieties of life.

This blog lets me share the humor, the sadness, the humanity and the frailty that I find in every day life in the urban jungle of New York.  

And express my hurts, fears, joys, musings and frustration with the world.  

I think some of it is universal, some decidedly of a first world nation, and other things uniquely New York.

Some of it is totally my neurosis or wrong-headed thinking.

All of it is me, at times too unvarnished and raw.

Feel free to share with me your thoughts.