Georgia, long time passing

Dear Georgia:

It has been five years since you gave POB (partner of blogger) your blessing and then left this world shortly thereafter.

It was characteristically non-dramatic and understated: you pronounced yourself satisfied with our first Passover and with the matzo balls that floated.

I was keeping an eye on you (for signs of approval) at that Seder and you looked like you enjoyed the ritual, the discussion and the food.  You looked comfortable and relieved that the traditions would continue for another generation.  Dare I say proud of POB?  I have told POB my observations over and over again so she could imagine it and derive solace from it.

Yesterday, POB and I recited Kaddish on this fifth anniversary of your death.  How is it possible that time speeds by?

I don’t know how close your final resting place is to us and whether you need a telescope.  So, I will catch you up a bit on life after you left.

POB ultimately found her bearings.  For a while it was too much for her gentle heart.  And, she and I, we have different ways of mourning.  I mourn out loud and POB mourns quietly, in a more dignified way.  But that also means so much was bottled up for too long.  I watched, unable to help.  With time, POB re-emerged, stronger than ever.  (We are now more able to navigate our times of stress and unhappiness in a way that brings us together.)

TLP (our son, the little prince) is a marvel.  Sometimes, he speaks like a character in a British novel.  I have to laugh; that is you in him.  I can draw a direct line in the family tree — no dilution in that gene.  He just put on some Persian rock music for me to hear.  He said he really thought the melodies and rhythms were cool.  Need I say more?

TLP and SOSOPOB (son of sister of POB) are deeply bonded and both are growing up to be sweet, smart boys.  That makes us all happy; two kids without siblings reaching out to each other as more than cousins — perhaps, brothers.

FOPOB (your husband and father of POB) is, as you used to say, “more so”.  His personality is getting distilled and some of it is too sharp to let roll off.  Of course, you aren’t here to soften his edges.  He tells other people how proud he is of POB.  POB would like to hear it directly, but I emphasize that the point is that the message gets delivered.

He dotes (to the extent he has that gene) on SOSOPOB and SOPOB (sister of POB).  I don’t think it is always easy for us because while we don’t need FOPOB’s generosity (to the extent that is a noun applicable to him), we would like him to be in TLP’s life.  Nevertheless, we are grateful for his interest in SOSOPOB.  And, the Blogger family is incredibly fond of SOSOPOB.

Your daughters are finding their grooves.  POB gets more fabulous each day.  And, she even looks more and more like you.

Georgia, your line continues, strong and resilient, older (and maybe a little sadder) but infused with your memory.  Please try to visit POB in her dreams.  I know she would like to see and hear you again.

~~ Blogger