Orlando — Mundo Bizarro

I was in Orlando, FL, for a month these last few days.  It felt like the End of Days.

First, swarms of insects that are called “Love Bugs”.  Why? Because they are always in pairs, attached at their rear ends.  Ok, I need to ask that again, but the answer is weird.  Why?


I don’t know why insects attached at their butts would be called Love Bugs.  Maybe, “Push Me Pull You” after the Dr. Seuss creature.  Or, Fred and Ginger, since one of the insects does everything the other one does, only backwards (but probably not in heels).

The Love Bugs SWARMED-the-place-it-was-so-gross.  And they looked wasp-like and menacing even though they apparently don’t bite.  There was no place to sit without swatting away battalions of them.

Here is another crazy thing.  Adults are dressed head-to-toe in Disney wear.  Even the Mickey Mouse ears.  Middle-aged people walking around with those things on, even though their own children are not.  I guess if you are at the Disney attractions, a person (not I, because I am the living, breathing Grinch) could get caught up into it.  But we were in a hotel conference center that was not near the Disney attractions.  Still, I saw Mouseketeers of every age.

I can’t show a picture of the Mouseketeers wearing their Mouseket-ears, but imagine Annette Funicello but not cute, pretty or young.

I am sooooo happy to be home.