Hillary, you look tired.

Poor Hillary Clinton.  She has been pilloried, humiliated, beaten by a young upstart from Illinois and then charged with heading one of the most dysfunctional and unmanageable departments of the Executive Branch — the Department of State. 

Two things you can say about Hillary is that she is a hard worker and persistent in seeking the goals she sets. 

But, it seems to be catching up with her.  She really looked tired as she sat behind President Obama in the Security Council meeting today.

It is amazing how well rested everyone in the Bush Administration looked.  Well, maybe not so amazing given the little they did to clean up their messes.

I am glad that the members of the Obama Administration look tired.  There is a lot going on.  I am impressed with the intensity of President Obama’s schedule these past two weeks.  George Bush would need two months — and a month in between to relax in Crawford, TX.

So, Hillary, I am sorry that you look tired and in need of a break.  But I am grateful that you are tired.