The Wholeness of Life

Alfred Nobel made his fortune in creating, manufacturing and selling agents of destruction (dynamite, etc.)  He was called the “merchant of death”.

SIDEBAR:  I got this information from Wikipedia and I am happy to cite this source.  Are you listening Rand Paul?  Also, Randy (may I call you Randy), citing Wikipedia is ok for a blog, but not in a speech if one is looking to fill the Oval Office.

Posthumously, Nobel set up the Peace Prize(s).  Seems a little like Andrew Carnegie, a psychopath in life who wanted to be remembered as a generous and civic-minded man.

While I tease SOB about getting the Nobel, I love that she was awarded the Wholeness of Life Award, on Thursday night.

photo(17)The award is given to a person who is an exceptional teacher, mentor and professional, embodies compassion in the treatment of patients and their families, and exemplifies the gold standard of commitment to patient care.

SOB is grateful every day that she gets to go to work and help people.  She doesn’t think she deserves the award.  (She is wrong.)

I had to tell SOB not to ruin the ceremony by being too self-deprecating.  Anyway, the evening was all about Mom, whom I was channeling, who would have been over the moon at the award and a little miffed that it took so long to recognize her first born.

Nobel, Shmobel.  He was not a good guy and we don’t need his stupid, stinking award.

In fact, I am canceling our trip to Oslo.