The Challenge, Parts 3-5

So, I still stink at the Rings (see and, but after three more weeks, I am getting better.

And I invested in gear that gymnasts use on the rings. The shipping was more expensive than the equipment.

photo(10)This contraption of torture is supposed to shift the pain and prevent the outer skin layer of one’s hands from being ripped off by the rings.

I have one thing to say, “stick with the hurt you know.”

Still, the day had its small triumphs: I swung and grabbed a third ring and almost grabbed a fourth!!  I need to control my torso better.  I was so concerned about my arms that I forgot to crunch my abdomen and propel with legs.

Here is the distrastrous footage.  This is a blooper and self-respecting people would not post this:

Not graceful — yet — just me.  As you see, as I am, I am.

Watch out for the end of July — I will be awesome.  Now?  Not so much.