The First Sunday in February

It is a Homeric epic.

Winner takes all. 

Family allegiances ripped across a field as brother battles brother.

Harbaugh versus Harbaugh

For glory. 


The Civil War?

Well, in a sense, except with a half-time show and commercial interruptions.  I give you . . .

The Super Bowl.

And more important than what happens on that ball field in New Orleans is the number of chicken wings purchased today.  It is a sign of economic recovery.  No joke

The estimates are that 250 million chicken wings will be consumed. 

One wing for every person in this nation. 

If more is purchased, then it is a sign of economic rebound.  If less, well, then, we are spiraling down into the Obama Recession (as I overhead someone saying after Friday’s GDP numbers). 

Or maybe people are eating healthier foods?       Maybe there are more vegans?    

What if there is an uptick in hummus, bean salsa, kale chips and those gross meat substitutes?   

I am not giving up on soy futures just yet.  But those twelve-pack taco and chicken finger samplers advertised on TV did have a certain appeal . . . .