Sights and Vision

You know how when you hear a new word, all of a sudden you hear it everywhere?

It is the same with emotions or family crises.  The more you share, the more you realize what weights others carry daily, just like you.

And then you start to look around at the nameless faces on the subway, young and old, well-dressed and not, white, black, brown and every shade in between.

And then, you wonder, are we carrying similar burdens, like taking care of an ailing elder?  Or worse, a sick child?

And if we are carrying similar burdens, do we also have similar hopes and aspirations? Why else would we be cheek by jowl in a subway car rushing some place?

I surveyed the subway car today.  People with iPhones.  People with ear buds playing music way too loud.  People not moving into the car to let others on.  People having tooooooo much attitude for a crowded mode of transportation.

But, if I talked to each of them, alone and in a quiet room, would I find that 95% of them shared my fears, my sadnesses, and my struggles?  Even if different in degrees?

Aren’t we all more alike than we think?