Of Blessed Memory

Mighty (a Soeur of Blogger) gave me a hankerchief to hold during the wedding ceremony. 

I really needed it when the rabbi mentioned our mothers being with us in spirit, and most especially during the reading of the Ketubah.  For the wedding contract, it is customary to refer to the betrothed in relation to her parents, as in:  

“[Blogger], daughter of [MOB] of blessed memory and [DOB]”.

Of blessed memory.  Only here in spirit.  Only cosmic tears of joys from MOB on her daughter’s wedding day because she is of blessed memory.

POB didn’t want to have a picture of her mom out during the reception, so I didn’t have one of MOB.  But SOB promised to bring the portable shrine to our mother, in case we needed to reflect and weep. 

I thought about MOB all day and just knowing that the portable shrine was in the room made me fine without needing to look, touch and feel the pictures of MOB.

Of blessed memory.  Gone but never forgotten.