The Day Before, So Far

Oh my Goodness!!!  We are getting married!!!!!  I am sooooo excited.  This is an awesome feeling.

SOS and I are watching Saturday morning TV, as usual.  Today, we are watching Animal Planet, Dogs 101, because SOS wants a dog and wants just the right breed for our lives as urbanites. I am too happy and giddy to dread the future negotiation about getting a dog.  But that conversation won’t happen today or tomorrow, so I won’t worry forward.

POB is at the gym.  I am going, too, when she gets back.  But first we need to pick out the boutonnières for the male members of the family.  Their color needs to match the orchids and the kipot (skull caps).  I don’t yet know what that color is, but POB does.

For the next two days, I only take orders.  I don’t take initiative.

We are going to spend the afternoon together — POB, SOS and I.  Then in the late afternoon through early evening, we are going to SOB’s and HOSOB’s house for a reception for out-of-town family.

Sidebar: I use the acronym HOSOB for SOB’s husband.  I had thought of brother-in-law of blogger but that acronym would be BLOB. That would be unfortunate and untrue.  Also that would make my sister-in-law, a SLOB.  And that would cause a breach in the family.