Siren’s Song

Dear SOS (our son, source of sanity) is a hyper-heterosexual (after all, what would two lesbians create?) at age 9 years-old.

POB’s (partner of blogger’s) sister has taken a young, very pretty, girl under her wing.  This young girl joined us tonight at pre-Thanksgiving dinner with POB’s family.  She will be at Thanksgiving Dinner.  She is about 13 years old and is quite beautiful (for a little girl).  She is from South America and, throughout dinner, SOS was trying to show off his knowledge about her home country.  When we got home, SOS started throwing himself around his room muttering her name in a way reminiscent of Shakespearean star-crossed lovers.  Dramatique, vraiment, especially since she did not notice him in that way.

I kept thinking, “is this what you do when SOS’s Bethrothed (the one to whom he proposed at age 7 and still considers his wife-to-be) is not around?”

All I had to say is:  “Remember your bethrothed!!”  Besides the young girl you are mooning over is in eighth grade!!

Then SOS said something in such a self-assured way that stopped me in my tracks.  “That’s just one obstacle, E-Mom.”

Well, okay, buddy.  But, remember, you have commitments, especially to SOS’s Bethrothed and her parents.

And I know you are only 9 years old.  So, I am fastening my seat belt for one helluva roller coaster adolescence.