Today I went into work in jeans

Going to work in jeans on a Monday was not a rebellion against “The Man,” but an acknowledgment of the realities of aging — the rounding out of one’s waist and tummy. 

I scoffed at low-rider jeans until some years ago, POB (partner of blogger) told me I had to stop wearing “Mommy Jeans”  and she took me jeans shopping.  Little did we know that years later the President would make Mommy Jeans famous as necessary nerd wear.

Today I am grateful for these low-riders because they fasten below the waist and tummy.  Some days, my full-waisted dress pants don’t close without a fight and I am tired of popping buttons.   And when a button pops, it does so with enough velocity to hurt someone unfortunate enough to be in its trajectory.  Soon, I will have to register my tight-fitting clothes with the local police precinct, as is the rule with assault weapons. 

So, until I lose a few pounds or feel that it is ok again to spend money on new dress pants, low-rider jeans are the way to go even though, by every demographic study, it really NOT a look I should sport.